Luster Fjordhytter

Along the Lustra Fjord, and only fifteen kilometers from its innermost end lies Høyheimsvik with Luster Fjord Huts down by the shore. Itís a peaceful small village of about 200 inhabitants. The property was purchased by the great-grandfather of the current owner back in 1885. Both his son, grandson, and the great grandson who runs it now, had shop and shipping office, and in his time there was both sawmill and bakery on the site. Moreover, there was a separate post office too. But times change, and it was the current owner who saw its suitability for tourism, and that a plot right at the waterís edge was an ideal place for cabin rentals.

In 1987, the first eight cabins were ready for hire, and seven years later four new ones were added and ready for occupation. Then in 1996 a new separate building was added with a function room and managerís office. Nearby the original family home dating from 1905 still stands, its all white Swiss style architecture, such a contrast with that of the modern cabins, makes the area even more attractive.The house was built to accommodate the shop and post office on the ground floor with room for the family on the floor above. Later, the house was modified to suit modern lifestyles but retains its original character. The nearby pier and warehouse buildings are currently used to import and store feedstuff and fertilisers for the local famers.

The hosts

Luster Fjord Huts have always been run by Stein Bugge Næss, who was born and raised here. He was educated as an economist but worked locally for some years as a teacher before taking over the shop from his father and grandfather. In 1980 he built a new Ďgeneral storeí that continued to serve the local community for several years before coming up with the idea of building holiday cabins for rent. With twelve cabins built between 1987 and 1994, the complex now offers a total of sixty guest beds. Joining him in the work but only during the tourist season, Steinís girl friend Rita, takes care of the cabins and laundry services and ensures that the flowers are nice and tidy around the cabins and other buildings. Out of season, Rita, follows her real profession of school teacher.