At the entrance to Breheimen National Park we find one of the loveliest valleys in western Norway, Mørkridsdalen. It is well worth spending a whole day in this area, whether you choose to go into the valley or visit the steep path up to Åset Lake, situated 838 meters above sea level.

This flat valley is idyllic, with its roaring river, with charming small lakes and with seters on both sides of the road all the way in. You will need most of a day to see all of the valley. The same applies if you go up to Åset Lake, its seter, and cabin area of Osen.

If you are really fit, you can walk along the lake to Åsete and Fast, where the Norwegian Trekking Association has one of their self catering huts. There are good large trout in the lake, so those who purchased a fishing license in Skjolden, can try their luck fishing.

From Luster Fjord Huts drive north-east along Road 55 to Skjolden and then left onto the narrower road into Mørkridsdalen. If you want to go the whole length of the valley, stay on the same side of the river to the end of the road. If you wish to go up to Åset Lake, you must cross the bridge four to five kilometres from Skjolden and park in the designated place. Red Tís mark the track up the mountainside.