This romantic road goes from Skjolden to the stave church at Urnes. Here and there it is narrow and tortuous, but always idyllic.

You pass the small villages of Sørheim and Kroken on the way to Feigum where you can park. From there one can easily walk up to the spectacular waterfall Feigefossen in half an hour. It's well worth a visit with its dramatic free fall of 218 metres from the valley above.

At Urnes, one finds the UNESCO World Heritage Listed stave church. It's worth spending time here to see this house of God that has stood on the same site for nearly 900 years. Its wood carvings give their name to the universally known, “Urnes Style” and its internal paintings should not be missed.

If you fancy it, you can drive the round trip from Luster Fjord Huts to Urnes, then the ferry over the fjord to charming Solvorn and back to Høyheimsvik via Hafslo.