From the administrative centre of Gaupne this valley runs forty kilometres to the north. Every metre of it is interesting with its fast river and high mountains to both east and west. But its real attraction and speciality lies just to its west the largest ice cap on the European mainland, Jostedalsbreen.

Several glaciers flow from its plateau down into the side valleys all easily reached from the main road.

Most tourists choose to visit Nigardsbreen, where there are guides who can take visitors onto the ice. There is an information centre there, Breheimsenteret, where one can learn about all the glaciers in the area and much else of related interest. It also has cafe facilities.

One of the great glacier sights in the area is Bergsetbreen, found at the western end of Krundalen.

Alternatively, you can drive your car all the way up to an altitude of almost 1200 meters by following the valley for its whole length, right up to the massive dam. The level of the lake behind is regulated by a whole seventy metres! From here its water is taken through a tunnel south to a huge underground power station and out into the fjord.