Cabins 1-8

Cabins numbered 1 to 8 have their accommodation at first floor level with facilities for five people and a nice beachside promenade with bench seats. There is one bedroom with two single beds and a loft with a wall ladder to three spacious sleeping places. They have a combined living room and kitchen with a separate shower and toilet. Guests have about 38 square meters of well designed living space.

The cabins are well insulated and heated electrically, so if you fancy a winter visit, you’re most welcome! We have a paradise around us for those who like snow and skiing. In wintertime the Sognefjell road is closed at Turtagrø, so that is as far as one can go. Snow ploughs open the road in spring, usually in early May but it seems to get earlier each year. There is plenty of snow all the way to the top and good skiing conditions until the end of June – often longer! Imagine skiing in the burning sun by day and a fresh dip in the fjord beside one’s cabin at dusk!