Luster Turlag or Luster Touring Club, which is a local branch of the Norwegian Trekking Association, has two nice cabins at about 1000 meters. They are unlocked, so you can take a quick look.

For this trip you drive to Gaupne and turn north into Jostedal. After about thirteen or fourteen kilometers you will see the sign for "Vigdal" where you turn off right and over the bridge. The road winds upwards to the small farms in Vigdalen, where one can park or pay the toll and continue further for a couple of kilometers.

Follow the signs and go down to the river and over to the other side. The trail is marked with red circles. Higher up you come to the Red T-marked trail that goes past Fivla to the DNT hut at Navarsete. Then itís heavy going uphill for a few hundred meters before it levels off and then over to the huts that you can see in the distance.

If you have the time and strength, it pays to go further up onto the summit of Fivlenosi (1466 m) which lies directly behind the huts.