This mountain, at 2068 meters, gives perhaps the most spectacular view of much of Jotunheimen, with its more than two hundred peaks of over 2000 meters. The Norwegian Trekking Association has a large serviced hut on the summit where one can get food and spend the night. Even the nunataks of Jostedalsbreen can be seen and the famous Store Skagastølstind (2405 m), commonly shortened to Storen, its ridge, and the Vee Gap!

The walk up from Turtagrø is demanding, so it is important that one is in good enough shape to cope with a rise of nealy 1200 meters over boulders and scree.

The summit of Fanaråken is surrounded by mist for more than three hundred days a year, so be sure to choose a sunny day!

From Luster Fjord Huts drive north-east along the fjord to Skjolden and then up to the hotel at Turtagrø, where there is ample parking. Red Tís show the route to Fanaråken.