Suggestions for local day trips

For those who will stay with us for a few days, a week or maybe even longer, your host Stein Bugge Næss, who all his life has been an enthusiastic outdoorsman and mountaineer, would like to recommend some wonderful excursions...


Those who holiday using Luster Fjord Huts as their base, have plenty to fill their days. Most people choose to take car trips along the fjord, into the surrounding valleys and up into the mountains. All places where nature is most impressive – you’ll love it!

Luster and its surroundings, with its rich cultural history, has much to offer. Many have heard of Urnes Stave Church: dating from about 1130 it is the oldest in the country and famous throughout the world. It can be seen on the other side of the fjord from the cabins and makes an excellent objective for a day trip, either using the ferry from Solvorn or by driving north-east along the fjord to Skjolden and taking the fjordside road on the other side, a stretch called the "romantic road" by many and where there is much to see along the way.

If you are here for more than one day, a trip up Jostedalen with its stunning glaciers is something you just must do. If you would like to take a closer look at an ice-fall, your best option is to drive north and then west onto the toll road towards Nigardsbreen, where a boat will take you almost to the ice. Even without a guide you can go right up to “the eternal ice” but if you want to venture onto it, you will need a professional guide, of which there are a number available locally and who are keen to take you. For many a trip onto the ice is a memory for life. The neighbouring valley of Krundalen is also highly recommended where the ice of Bergsetbreen flows down to the valley floor from the main plateau above. It’s best seen by taking a walk – over easy terrain – of some four or five kilometres from the end of the road.

If you are fond of the outdoor life and like to go walking, Luster is the place for you! It has much to offer with three national parks within its boundaries, its deep valleys with roaring rivers, many high waterfalls, mountains that are easy of access, and many small high mountain farms where one can hardly believe that people could subsist. Norway’s highest mountains are found in Jotunheimen near the Sognefjell Road and where one of the most striking, the peak of Store Skagstølstind (2405 m)can be seen.

If you fancy taking a trip into other nearby areas, you can hike to the top of Galdhøpiggen, the highest mountain in the country and a nice destination for those that are fit! The road trip to Geiranger, the most famous of tourist villages in the country, can be done in one long day. Then there is the famous 20 km long railway at Flåm. It wends its way steeply up from the fjord to connect with the Oslo to Bergen railway. It has become a major attraction visited by some 150 cruise liners with their many passengers, making for a lively life in the village when they are visiting! A boat trip on the Nærøyfjord – itself a UNESCO World Heritage Site – is also a great experience that many undertake.

Even a trip to Bergen, the main city for the folk of Sogn, is possible if one plans one’s day carefully. The drive from Luster takes four to five hours each way. Easier, and perhaps more interesting, is to take the hydrofoil from Leikanger early in the morning. It will get you into town by 11.30 and you will not need to return onboard until 16.30. Nearly a whole day in Bergen and yet still be back in Høyheimsvik by 22.00 in the evening!